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Old enough to know
Consulting children about sex and AIDS education in Africa
Colleen McLaughlin, Sharlene Swartz, Susan Kiragu, Shelina Walli, Mussa Mohamed

This compelling study, comprising of a sample of eight schools in three countries in sub-Saharan Africa – Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania – examines the sources, contents and processes of children´s community-based sexual knowledges and asks how these knowledges interact with AIDS education programmes in school. Old enough to know showcases the possibilities of consulting pupils using engaging, interactive and visual methods including digital still photography, mini-video documentaries, as well as interviews and observations. These innovative methods allow children to speak freely and openly in contexts where talking about sex to adults is a cultural taboo.

Format168mm x 240mm (Soft Cover)
ISBN 10978-07969-2374-5
ISBN 13978-07969-2374-5
Publish Year2012
RightsWorld Rights

Price:    R 150.00

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Opportunities and Challenges for Teacher Education Curriculum in South Africa
Opportunities and Challenges for Teacher Education Curriculum in South Africa
Glenda Kruss (ed)

Driven by centralised state processes, externally mandated and regulated, the restructuring of teacher education curriculum and institutions in South Africa has radically changed the teacher education landscape. How universities mediate, contest and resist the resulting pressures has differed, according to their historical legacy, their specific trajectories of restructuring, and their leadership dynamics. This monograph traces the micro-level responses of teacher educators at five universities experiencing the impact of the restructuring processes with varying degrees of intensity, and selected as representative of the system as a whole.

Format210mm x 280mm (Soft Cover)
ISBN 100-7969-2238-1
ISBN 13978-07969-2238-0
Publish Year2008
RightsWorld Rights

Price:    R 214.00

including VAT (14%)

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PodcastIn this final segment of this podcast series, Dr Glenda Kruss, author of Teacher Education and Institutional Change in South Africa and Opportunities and Challenges for Teacher Education Curriculum in South Africa (HSRC Press), discusses the restructuring processes that have taken place in a diverse range of teacher education providers, and the complex ways these can and are shaping future conditions.

Duration: 4 min 44 sec

Out of History
Out of History
Re-imagining South Africans Pasts
Jung Ran Forte, Paolo Israel, Leslie Witz
Out of History brings together exciting and innovative work in History and the Humanities. Drawing upon papers which have been presented at the South African Contemporary History and Humanities Seminar at the University of the Western Cape, the book reflects upon how this space fashioned new histories of the South African past over the last twenty years. Written by leading scholars in fields of visual history, public history, heritage, linguistics, oral history and postcolonial studies, the contributions address critical questions about the production of academic knowledge and the status of the Humanities in the post-apartheid present.
Format168mm x 240mm
ISBN 13978-0-7969-2515-2
Publish YearSeptember 2016
RightsWorld Rights

Price:    R 320.00

including VAT (14%)

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Overcoming Apartheid
Overcoming Apartheid
Can truth reconcile a divided nation?
James L Gibson
Drawing on one of the most comprehensive surveys of post-apartheid attitudes to date, and employing innovative conceptual and methodological tools, Gibson’s analysis offers both encouraging and disheartening insights into the success of the truth and reconciliation process. This is a major contribution to the literature on transitional justice and conflict resolution.
Format235mm x 160mm
ISBN 100-7969-2071-0
ISBN 13978-07969-2071-3
Publish Year2004

Price:    R 253.00

including VAT (14%)

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An overview of research, policy and practice in teacher supply and demand, 1994–2008
An overview of research, policy and practice in teacher supply and demand, 1994–2008
Linda Chisholm

In 2008, South Africa had 400 953 educators, which included school teachers and principals. Were they adequate in number and quality for the 12 239 363 learners in ordinary public and independent schools? Is the country’s teacher education system sufficiently geared up to produce the teachers that are required and are sufficient numbers of students being attracted to teaching? How successful have government and union attempts to address specific teacher shortages since 1994 been? What has the contribution of research been in these areas?

Format210mm x 280mm (Soft Cover)
ISBN 100-7969-2293-4
ISBN 13978-07969-2293-9
Publish Year2009
RightsWorld Rights

Price:    R 98.00

including VAT (14%)

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PodcastOne of the suggested solutions for addressing the teacher shortage is reopening teacher training colleges. Professor Linda Chisholm, author of An Overview of Research, Policy and Practice in Teacher Supply and Demand, 1994–2008 (HSRC Press), examines this option more closely in this part of the podcast series.

Duration: 5 min 07 sec

An Overview of South African Human Resources Development
An Overview of South African Human Resources Development
Andre Kraak
This book provides an overview of human resources development (HRD) in South Africa. It focuses on the youth labour market, the world of work and the national system of science and innovation. It concludes that South Africa, lacking high, intermediate and low skills, has severe HRD problems which require urgent resolution.
Format210mm x 148mm
ISBN 100-7969-2042-7
ISBN 13978-07969-2042-3
Publish Year2004

Price:    R 145.00

including VAT (14%)

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