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Teacher education and the challenge of diversity in South Africa
Crispin Hemson
Conflicts in schools over race, fees or language frequently make headlines in South Africa. Such conflicts reflect the multifaceted issue of learner diversity, encompassing racial, class, gender, religious, linguistic, physical and other differences.  The need to handle such differences in equitable ways poses new challenges for teachers and teacher education. How are teacher education institutions preparing students for teaching in schools that are different from the ones they experienced as learners? What kinds of skills are they providing to enable teachers to deal with diversity and difference amongst learners?
Format280mm x 210mm
ISBN 100-7969-2157-1
ISBN 13978-07969-2157-4
Publish Year2007

Price:    R 125.00

including VAT (14%)

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Teacher Graduate Production in South Africa
Teacher Graduate Production in South Africa
Andrew Paterson , Fabian Arends

The quality of any national education system depends on its teachers. In recent years in South Africa, teacher supply has become a matter of national concern.

Format210mm x 280mm (Soft Cover)
ISBN 100-7969-2269-1
ISBN 13978-07969-2269-4
Publish Year2009
RightsWorld Rights

Price:    R 165.00

including VAT (14%)

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PodcastIn this second part of the four part podcast, Fabian Arends, co-author of Teacher Graduate Production in South Africa and Beginner Teachers in South Africa: School Readiness, Knowledge and Skills (HSRC Press), examines the limitations in the planning of continuing professional development of practising teachers and the challenges in identifying the shortages of subject teachers accurately.

Duration: 5 min 09 sec

Technical College Responsiveness
Technical College Responsiveness
Learner destinations and labour market environments in South Africa
Michael Cosser, Simon McGrath, Azeem Badroodien, Botshabelo Maja
This monograph investigates the responsiveness of technical colleges within the South African Further Education and Training (FET) sector. The report also explores technical and vocational education elsewhere in Africa and abroad. This study will be of interest to all who are involved in the FET sector, whether as policy-makers, practitioners or students.
Format276mm x 208mm
ISBN 100-7969-2037-0
ISBN 13978-07969-2037-9
Publish Year2003

Price:    R 195.00

including VAT (14%)

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Textbooks for diverse learners
Textbooks for diverse learners
A critical analysis of learning materials used in South African schools
Carolyn McKinney

Textbooks and learning support materials are a critical resource for teachers. They play a vital role in shaping children's sense of themselves and the society in which they live. But to what extent do schoolbooks reflect images and representations of the diverse learners in South African schools?

Format280mm x 210mm
ISBN 100-7969-2093-1
ISBN 13978-07969-2093-5
Publish Year2005

Price:    R 129.00

including VAT (14%)

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Transforming Further Education and Training in South Africa
Transforming Further Education and Training in South Africa
A case study of technical colleges in Kwazulu-Natal. Volume 1: Qualitative findings and analysis
Andre Kraak, Graham Hall
This report comprises a detailed study of technical college provision in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Its findings are relevant to the transformation of technical colleges nationally. The report highlights a need for institutional restructuring due to sub-optimal teaching and learning environments, tense social relations and too few students obtaining employment after technical college training.
Format210mm x 148mm
ISBN 100-7969-1921-6
ISBN 13978-07969-1921-2
Publish Year1999

Price:    R 145.00

including VAT (14%)

The University in Development
The University in Development
Case Studies of Use-Oriented Research
David Cooper

A seminal study, The University in Development explores how the university is indeed 'in development': pursuing a new 'third' mission of external societal development (alongside its two existing missions of teaching and research), and experiencing a major internal revolution as this impacts on its structural organisation. Already prevalent in many institutions internationally, this third academic mission has begun to pose troubling challenges to existing academic research cultures and systems in South Africa.

Format168mm x 240mm (Soft Cover)
ISBN 109780-7969-2347-9
ISBN 139780-7969-2347-9
Publish Year2011
RightsWorld Rights

Price:    R 450.00

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Vocational Education and Training in Southern Africa
Vocational Education and Training in Southern Africa
A comparative study
Salim Akoojee, Anthony Gewer, Simon McGrath (eds.)

This volume is intended to develop and share knowledge regarding the challenges faced by vocational education and training (VET) systems within the southern African region and the responses to these challenges. It examines the complexities through a unique comparative study of seven countries in southern Africa: Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Swaziland.

Format297mm x 210mm
ISBN 100-7969-2043-5
ISBN 13978-07969-2043-0
Publish Year2005

Price:    R 184.00

including VAT (14%)

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Within the Realm of Possibility
Within the Realm of Possibility
From Disadvantage to Development at the University of Fort Hare and the University of the North
Mokubung Nkomo, Derrick Swartz, Botshabelo Maja (eds)
This wonderfully reflective book brings out a wealth of insights in the story of two institutions which have never failed to inspire generations of students despite the problematic history of their origins and their contested adaptations to the major fault lines of South African history.
Format210mm x 148mm
ISBN 100-7969-2155-5
ISBN 13978-07969-2155-0
Publish Year2006

Price:    R 176.00

including VAT (14%)

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Working Partnerships in Higher Education, Industry and Innovation
Working Partnerships in Higher Education, Industry and Innovation
Financial or intellectual imperatives
Glenda Kruss
In 2004,the HSRC ís research programme on Human Resource Development launched the Working Partnerships Seriesto explore the extent to which the networked practices that are believed to characterise the knowledge economy have indeed begun to penetrate South African higher education and industry.

Format210mm x 148mm
ISBN 100-7969-2108-3
ISBN 13978-07969-2108-6
Publish Year2005

Price:    R 209.00

including VAT (14%)

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