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HSRC Press :: South Africa :: Development and Dreams

Development and Dreams
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Development and Dreams

The urban legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup

Udesh Pillay, Richard Tomlinson, Orli Bass (eds)

Format168mm x 240mm (Soft Cover)
ISBN 1007969-2250-0
ISBN 13978-07969-2250-2
Publish Year2009
RightsWorld Rights

Development and Dreams :: The urban legacy of the 2010 Football World CupFull DetailsDevelopment and Dreams :: The urban legacy of the 2010 Football World Cup


Entire eBook
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Chapter 1: Introduction
Richard Tomlinson, Orli Bass and Udesh Pillay
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Chapter 2: The road to Africa: South africa's hosting of the 'African' World Cup
Justin van der Merwe
Download PDF
Chapter 3: Managing the alchemy of the 2010 Football World Cup
Gynn Davies
Download PDF
Chapter 4: South Africa 2010: Initial dreams and sobering economic perspectives
Stan du Plessis and Wolfgang Maennig
Download PDF
Chapter 5: Mega-events as a response to poverty reduction: The 2010 World Cup and urban development
Udesh Pillay and Orli Bass
Download PDF
Chapter 6: Aniticipation
Richard Tomlinson
Download PDF
Chapter 7: Venue selection and the 2010 World Cup: A case study of Cape Town
Kamilla Swart and Urmilla Bob
Download PDF
Chapter 8: Sports, mega-events and urban tourism: Exploring the patterns, constraints and prospects of the 2010 World Cup
Scarlett Cornelissen
Download PDF
Chapter 9: The 2010 World Cup and the rural hinterland: Maximising advantage from mega-events
Doreen Atkinson
Download PDF
Chapter 10: Public viewing areas: Urban interventions in the context of mega-events
Christoph Haferburgm Theresa Golka and Marie Selter
Download PDF
Chapter 11: In the shadow of 2010: Democracy and displacement in the Greater Ellis Park Development project
Claire Benit-Gbaffou
Download PDF
Chapter 12: Urban dreams: The 2010 Football World Cup and expecations of benefit in Johannesburg
Andre P Czegledy
Download PDF
Chapter 13: Aiming for Africa: Durban, 2010 and notions of African urban identity
Orli Bass
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Chapter 14: The Offside rule: Women's bodies in masculinised spaces
Margot Rubin
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Chapter 15: A world Cup and the construction of African reality
Andre P Czegledy
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Udesh Pillay
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