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HSRC Press :: South Africa :: State of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006

State of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006
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State of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006

Sakhela Buhlungu, John Daniel, Roger Southall, Jessica Lutchman (eds.)

Format210mm x 148mm
ISBN 100-7969-2115-6
ISBN 13978-07969-2115-4
Publish Year2006
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State of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006Free DownloadState of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006


State of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006 is the third in the HSRC’s exciting annual volume of essays on aspects of contemporary politics, economics, society and international relations in South Africa. This series has, in a relatively short period, become established as part of the annual South African scholarly calendar. Coverage in the media, international as well as South African, has been extensive; controversies have been stirred; both previous volumes have been prescribed as university texts locally and abroad; they have found their way into South African embassies around the world and foreign embassies in South Africa; and most importantly, many ordinary South Africans have purchased the books simply to find out more about the complex and fascinating country we live in.

Like the previous two editions, this edition draws together a wide and exciting set of analyses, written by contributors from universities, civil society organisations and the media, as well as from the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC). State of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006 includes chapters on the state of land restitution, Parliament, South African soccer, the Chinese communities of South Africa, science and mathematics education, research and development, black economic empowerment, the labour market, the informal economy. There are chapters on the emerging development state, the service delivery targets set by the President in 2004, the implementation of the socio-economic rights provisions of the Constitution, and three chapters on South Africa’s growing economic involvement in Africa.


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Mark Orkin


Introduction: Can South Africa be a developmental state?
Roger Southall

Part I: Politics

Jessica Lutchman

  1. Putting numbers to the scorecard: presidential targets and the state of delivery
    David Hemson and Michael O’ Donovan
  2. Towards a Constitutional-based definition of poverty in post-apartheid South Africa
    Wiseman Magasela
  3. Delivery and disarray: the multiple meanings of land restitution
    Cherryl Walker
  4. Assessing the constitutional protection of human rights in South Africa during the first decade of democracy
    Karthy Govender
  5. More than a law-making production line? Parliament and its oversight role 
    Judith February
  6. The state of national gender machinery: structural problems and personalised politics 
    Amanda Gouws

Part II: Economy

John Daniel

  1. Black empowerment and present limits to a more democratic capitalism in South Africa
    Roger Southall
  2. The state of labour market deracialisation
    Percy Moleke
  3. The state of the informal economy
    Richard Devey, Caroline Skinner and Imraan Valodia
  4. Work restructuring and the future of labour in South Africa
    Sakhela Buhlungu and Eddie Webster
  5. The state of research and experimental development: moving to a higher gear
    Michael Kahn and William Blankley

Part III: Society

Sakhela Buhlungu

  1. The state of South Africa’s cities 
    Bill Freund
  2. Guns and the social crisis
    Jacklyn Cock
  3. The Chinese communities in South Africa
    Janet Wilhelm
  4. Winning the Cup but losing the plot? The troubled state of South African soccer
    Merryman Kunene
  5. The state of mathematics and science education: schools are not equal
    Vijay Reddy

Part IV: South Africa in the world

Roger Southall

  1. South Africa’s evolving foreign trade strategy: coherence or confusion?
    Jesmond Blumenfeld
  2. South Africa’s relations with the People’s Republic of China: mutual opportunities or hidden threats?
    Sanusha Naidu
  3. South Africa in Africa: scrambling for energy
    John Daniel and Jessica Lutchman       



About the Author/s
Dr Sakhela Buhlungu is Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of the Witwatersrand. He currently serves on the editorial boards of academic journals, Labour History and Society in Transition. Professor John Daniel was previously Research Director in the Democracy and Governance research programme at the HSRC. In his career as a political science academic, he was seconded to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (1996-1998) where he was part of the research team that wrote the five-volume final report. Professor Roger Southall is a Distinguished Research Fellow of the HSRC and was formerly Professor of Political Studies, Rhodes University. He is General Editor of the Journal of Contemporary African Studies. Jessica Lutchman was previously a researcher in the Democracy and Governance research programme at the HSRC.

Extract from review by Bertha Chiroro (EISA) in the Journal of African Elections Vol. 4 No. 1 (pp 181-183):

"... a valuable resource for readers seeking to understand South Africa's past, present and future policies on transformation. It is particularly useful for students of South African politics, civil society, and anyone who wishes to celebrate the achievements of the first ten years of South Africa's democracy, the way it has dealt with apartheid's past and the challenges of growth that lie ahead."

Extract from review by Timothy M. Shaw (Royal Roads University, Canada) in Round Table 386 September 2006 pp. 646-647:

"Social science in South Africa has always been more extensive than elsewhere on the continent especially over the past decade of democratic governance; with this impressive collection, it can now claim to be superior. And as an increasingly recognized emerging economy, South Africa's analysis and practice have a relevance to others in this ebullient middle stratum such as Brazil and India. Symptomatically, China in both Africa and South Africa is the focus of a pair of timely chapters.But the volume also holds relevance to other comparative fields and debates in addition to those about the 'developmental state',such as democracy, ecology, education, energy, gender, labour, political economy, race etc,as well as more parochial questions of African development such as the Commission for Africa and NEPAD."

Extract from review by Michael H. Allen (Bryn Mawr College) in Africa Today Winter 2006 Vol 53 Issue 2 p.111-113:

"The distinct advantage of State of the Nation is that it also locates the specific themes relevant to South Africa within global dynamics that are changing economic structures, class politics, and the character of governance and the state everywhere. This arrangement makes the volume potentially valuable to scholars and activists in the geopolitics of energy and global financial markets, the symbolic politics of sport, the transnational sociology of Chinese diaspora, and other fields. It presents rich and recent data on empirical trends in the aspects of the reality that are vital for watchers of South Africa. In some chapters, the contributors connect their data to scholarly debates and bibliographies pertaining to other parts of the world."

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Reviews of previous volumes...

'At the same time as covering what is essential, the editors have also managed to include some issues that may be seen as peripheral to central concerns, but providing wider coverage of important indicators of the state of the nation, and noting issues that need attention. Altogether an important voice...'
Gerry Mare, Transformation

'The HSRC has made a massive contribution to the analysis of the new South Africa with these volumes…no academic, student or policymaker can afford to ignore this huge opus on the South African condition.'
Ben Turok MP, New Agenda

'For those who remember the South African Review series from the 1980s and bemoaned its passing, State of the Nation is a worthy successor.'
Barbara Manning, Daily Dispatch

'As long as the HSRC publishes an independent annual review of this quality, there is good reason for optimism about the survival of free speech and a vigorous climate of debate…the HSRC is performing an indispensable service to the nation.'
Gerald Shaw, Cape Times



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State of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006Email to a FriendState of the Nation: South Africa 2005-2006

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