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HSRC Press :: Disability and Social Change

Disability and Social Change
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Disability and Social Change

A South African agenda

Brian Watermeyer, Leslie Swartz, Theresa Lorenzo, Marguerite Schneider, Mark Priestley (eds)

Format240mm x 168mm
ISBN 100-7969-2137-7
ISBN 13978-07969-2137-6

Disability and Social Change :: A South African agendaFull DetailsDisability and Social Change :: A South African agenda


Disability and Social Change - Entire eBook
Brian Watermeyer; Leslie Swartz; Thereza Lorenzo; Margie Schneider; Mark Priestley (eds.)
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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1 - Introduction and overview
Brian Watermeyer and Leslie Swartz
Download PDF
Chapter 2 - Disability and the environment
Marguerite Schneider
Download PDF
Chapter 3 - Developing disability studies programmes: the international context
Mark Priestly
Download PDF
Chapter 4 - Disability and Psychoanalysis
Brian Watermeyer
Download PDF
Chapter 5 - A history of the disability rights movement in South Africa
Colleen Howell, Schnuaib Chalklen and Thomas Alberts
Download PDF
Chapter 6 - Integrating disability within government: the Office on the Status of Disabled Persons
Sebenzile Matsebula, Marguerite Schneider and Brian Watermeyer
Download PDF
Chapter 7 - Establishing the Secretariat for the African Decade
Shnuaib Chalklen, Leslie Swartz and Brian Watermeyer
Download PDF
Chapter 8 - Disability and human rights in South Africa: the South African Human Rights Commission
Charlotte Mcclain Nhlapo, Brian Watermeyer and Marguerite Schneider
Download PDF
Chapter 9 - HIV/AIDS and disability: New Challenges
Leslie Swartz, Marguerite Schneider, and Poul Rohleder
Download PDF
Chapter 10 - ‘How could she possibly make it in court?’ An intervention program assisting complaints with intellectual disabilities in sexual assault cases in the Western Cape
Beverley Dickman, Amanda Roux, Susan Manson, Gillian Douglas and Nokuthula Shabalala
Download PDF
Chapter 11 - Language Policy and SASL: interpreters in the public service
Marion Heap and Helen Morgans
Download PDF
Chapter 12 - Disability and schooling in South Africa
Crain Soudien and Jean Baxen
Download PDF
Chapter 13 - Disabled Students and higher education in South Africa
Colleen Howell
Download PDF
Chapter 14 - Developing a Disability Studies programme: engaging activism and academia for social change
Theresa Lorenza, Mzoloso ka Toni and Mark Priestly
Download PDF
Chapter 15 - Developing literacy with Deaf adults
Meryl Glaser and Theresa Lorenzo
Download PDF
Chapter 16 - Disability, poverty, gender and race
Tony Emmett
Download PDF
Chapter 17 - Tough choices: disability and social security in South Africa
Leslie Swartz and Marguerite Schneider
Download PDF
Chapter 18 - Issues in disability assessment
Ruth Watson, Marion Fourie and Joan Andrews
Download PDF
Chapter 19 - Physically disabled woman and discrimination in reproductive health care: psychoanalytic reflections
Nokwanele Mgwili and Brian Watermeyer
Download PDF
Chapter 20 - Community-based rehabilitation: new challenges
Sarah Rule, Theresa Lorenzo and Milani Wolmarans
Download PDF
Chapter 21 - Psychiatric disability and social changes: an insider perspective
Siyabula K and Madeline Duncan
Download PDF
Chapter 22 - Parents and therepists: dilemas in partnerships
Judy McKenzie and Bronwen Müller
Download PDF
Chapter 23 - Disability and universal access: observations on housing from the spatial and social periphery
Justin Coulson, Mark Napier and Gertrude Matsebe
Download PDF
Chapter 24 - Disability and homelessness: a personal journey from the margins to the center and back
Gubela Mji
Download PDF
Chapter 25 - Entrepreneurship, employment and skills: Ari Seirlis in conversation
Ari Seirlis and Leslie Swartz
Download PDF
Chapter 26 - Media and disability
Jane Stadler
Download PDF
Chapter 27 - ‘Ag shame’ and superheroes: stereotype and the signification of disability
Kathleen McDougall
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List of contributors and Index
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