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HSRC Press :: Realising the Dream

Realising the Dream
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Realising the Dream

Unlearning the logic of race in the South African school

Crain Soudien

Format148mm x 210mm (Soft Cover)
ISBN 10978-07969-2380-6
ISBN 13978-07969-2380-6
Publish Year2012
RightsWorld Rights

Realising the Dream :: Unlearning the logic of race in the South African schoolFull DetailsRealising the Dream :: Unlearning the logic of race in the South African school


Entire Ebook
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Abbreviations and acronyms
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Introduction 'Hey you black man, hey you white woman': Calling race
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Chapter 1: Social difference and its history
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Chapter 2: The obdurate nature of race
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Chapter 3: Creolisation, multiplicity, education and identity
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Chapter 4: The racial nature of South African schooling
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Chapter 5: Constituting the class: Integration in South African schools
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Chapter 6: The asymmetries of contact in the South African school
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Chapter 7: Reconstituting privilege: Integration in former white schools
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Chapter 8: The complexity of subordination in the new South Africa
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Chapter 9: Structure and agency: Young South Africans struggling against history
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Chapter 10: Thinking and living our way forward
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