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Since its publication in 1988, this has been one of the leading methodology textbooks in South African tertiary education. It provides an introduction to the fundamental concept of social science research, and complements books on specific research methods and techniques.

This title is also available in Afrikaans, Basiese Begrippe.

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Format : 220mm x 150mm (Soft Cover)
Pages : 287
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-0648-3
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-0648-9
Publish Year : 1990
Rights : World Rights



1. What is social sciences research?

2. Research design: Towards problems formulation

3. Research design: Conceptualization and operationalization

4. Research design: Data collection

5. Research design: Analysis and interpretation

6. Central constructs in the research process:

  • Concepts
  • Statement
  • Conceptual frameworks
  • Paradigms

7. Perspectives on qualitative and quantitative research

  • The spectrum of the social sciences
  • Terminology
  • Science and research


8. Guidelines for writing a research proposal

  • How to write a research proposal
  • Types of research proposals
  • Form and content of research proposals

9. Guidelines for writing research reports

  • Theoretical guidelines
  • Metatheoretical guidelines
  • Methodological guidelines
  • Technical guidelines


Appendix 1: M Ferreira - A sociological analysis of medical encounters of aged persons at an outpatient centre: A qualitative approach

Appendix 2: D Joubert - A typology of value orientations

Appendix 3: KF Mauer and AC Lawrence - Human factors in stope productivity - A field experiment


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Johann Mouton is Director of the Centre for Research on Science and Technology and professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Stellenbosch. He received his Doctorate in Philosophy at the Rand Afrikaans University in 1983. He taught in Philosophy at Potchefstroom University (1976-1977) and Rand Afrikaans University (1978 1982), after which he joined the Human Sciences Research Council. He joined the University of Stellenbosch in 1994.

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