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This publication looks at different forms of conflict that occurred in South Africa during the early 1990s: political violence, labour protests, campus violence, taxi-related violence and conflict, and general crime. It also considers different approaches to conflict resolution and mediation at community level, local government level and internationally. In most cases an analysis is made of the actual manifestation and type of conflict, the response to it, the methods used to combat it, and the result of mediation and conflict resolution interventions.

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Format : 148mm x 210mm (Soft Cover)
Pages : 208
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-1813-9
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-1813-0
Publish Year : 1997
Rights : World Rights
1. Political Violence in South Africa: Can it be resolved?
Laurie Schlemmer

2. Criminal Violence in South Africa: Prospects for safety and security
Chris de Kock

3. Labour unrest and conflict in South Africa (1994-1995): An analysis of trends
Anthony Minnaar and Sam Pretorius

4. Student unrest in South Africa: What are the issues?
Margaret Steinegger Kayser

5. An analysis of some of the causes and issues concerning campus violence: 1994-1995
Marie Wentzel, Anthony Minnaar and Diana Ehlers

6. Taxi wars in South Africa: Can there be peace?
Dipak Patel

7. Minibus taxi-related violence in South Africa: A failure of peace efforts or intractable infrastructural problems?
Anthony Minnaar and Sam Pretorius

8. Process-centred conflict resolution in communities: Pitfalls and solutions
Craig Arendse

9. Mechanisms for conflict resolution in South Africa: Institutionalising conciliatory community justice structures
Hugo van der Merwe and Alex Twigg

10. Facilitating problem solving in internationalised conflicts
John Groom

Prof. Mike Hough was the Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies, University of Pretoria, Pretoria.

Dr Anthony Minnaar was formerly a Senior Research Specialist was at the Centre of Sociopolitical Analysis, Human Sciences Research Council, Pretoria

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