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Authoritarian Regimes of various sorts have crumbled worldwide to give way to liberal constitutional democracies. Prerequisites for the consolidation of the new democracies are regular free and fair elections, granting political parties legitimate authority and citizens protection by the rule of law. Participation in regular, free and fair elections requires a robust civil society that is keen to protect individual freedoms and equality before the law and preserve diverse interests and a rich associational life.

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Format : 148mm x 210mm
Pages : 408
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-1970-4
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-1970-0
Publish Year : 2000
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1. Conslidating Democracy and Governance in South Africa
Yvonne Muthien, Meshack Khosa and Bernard Magubane

2. Race and Democratisation in South Africa: Some Reflections
Bernard Magubane

3. South Africa: A Tranformative State?
Gregory Houston and Yvonne Muthien

4. Democratising the South African State: The Challenge of Democratic Accountability and Public Sector Reform
Yvonne Muthien

5. Reflections on Provencial Goverment in South Africa since 1994
Thabo Rapoo

6. The Gauteng Legislature: The First Five Years
Eddy Maloka

7. Local Goverment in Intergovermental Relations: The Northern Cape
Doreen Atkinson

8. Resisting Ethnicity from Above: Social Identities and Democracy in South Africa
Abebe Zegeya, Ian Liebenberg and Gregory Houston

9. Challenges of Promoting and Protecting the rights of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities
Meshack Khosa

10. Appraisal of thee Culture of Governance in South Africa 1994 - 1999
Meshack Khosa

11. Public Participation in South Africa as we enter the 21st Century
Marlene Roefs and Ian Liebenberg

12. Profiles of Party Political Support
Stephen Rule

13. Decoding South Africa's 1999 Electoral Geography
Stephen Rule

14. Democracy and Governance in Transition
Yvonne Muthien, Meshack Khosa and Bernard Magubane


Dr. Yvonne Muthien served as chairperson of the President's Advisory Council for National Orders under President Thabo Mbeki at the time of this publication. She served former President Nelson Mandela in the same capacity.

Meshack M. Khosa was a member of the Democracy and Governance Research group of the Human Sciences Research Council at the time of this publication.

Benard M. Magubane was a member of the Democracy and Governance Research group of the Human Sciences Research Council at the time of this publication.

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