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Demcracy SA reports in the shades od public opinion about the quality of governance excercised in South Africa, satisfaction with service delivery, percieved national priorities, political preferences and the economy as captured during the national survey of public opinion conducted in November 1999. Respondents were also asked for there opinions on race relations, the fight against crime and the extent to which they trust various national insttutions such as labour unions, the courts, the police and the media.

The views thus reflect the public mood just five months after the re-election by a wide margin of the incumbent national goverment. Public opinion at this juncture can be used as a barometer of the needs and priorities of the electorate and will be of value to all individuals and organizations that are involved in the public domain.

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Format : 208mm x 295mm
Pages : 87
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-1954-2
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-1945-0
Publish Year : 2000

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Executive Summary

1 Introduction and methodology - Stephen Rule

2 Governance and corruption - Gregory Houston

3 National Priorities - Victor Ramaema

4 Service delivery perceptions during Mandela rule, 1994 - 1999 - Meshack Khosa

5 Perceptions about economic issues - Ian Hirschfeld

6 Economic policies - Stephen Rule

7 Community participation - Johan Olvier

8 Perceptions about democracy - Ian Liebenberg

9 Politics and voting - Stephen Rule

10 Institutional trust - Gregory Houston and Stephen Rule

11 Crime - Richard Humphries

12 Geographical prefeences and movements - Stephen Rule

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Appendix 2

Dr Stephen Rule was until recently Surveys Director in the Surveys, Analysis, Modeling and Mapping (SAMM) Research Programme.

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