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The Quality Learning Project (QLP) has been a multi-level, multi-site educational intervention that aimed to improve learner performance in 524 South African High Schools.

This report marks the end of a unique, long-term and extensive teaching and learning intervention programme, the Quality Learning Project (QLP). In concluding the evaluation activities of the QLP, a reflection on the evaluation processes and findings is desirable. For this reason, some of the most important functions and roles of the QLP and its evaluation are placed in perspective. In doing so, the report emphasises the crucial nature and function of evaluation for teaching and learning, more so in view of the transformation context of the South African education system.
At the most apparent and immediate level, this summative report provides a conclusive account to the sponsors of the QLP of how successfully the funds of the project have been spent.

Additional value also lies in reflecting more deeply on the complexities inherent in large-scale and lengthy endeavours such as the QLP. These reflections carry a positive verdict about the methods and models selected for the QLP intervention programme and its evaluation. Finally, the reflections allow affirmation of the policy decision implicit in undertaking the QLP work at the outset. In this regard, professional and policy experts can find justification in the soundness, replicability and sustainability of the road travelled by the QLP.

This report also provides background information on the interventions as well as on the evaluation design and methodology of the QLP, its findings, and the conclusions and recommendations derived from the findings.

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Format : 210mm x 280mm
Pages : 53
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-2145-8
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-2145-1
Publish Year : 2005

Framework for the Evaluation Study
Evaluation Methodology and Research Design
Evaluation Criteria
Success of the Quality Learning Project
Results of the QLP Evaluation
District-level Functioning
School-level Functioning
Classroom-level Functioning
Learner Context and Performance
Intervention Coverage and Quality
Effects of Interventions on Functioning
Effects of Improved Functioning on Learner Performance
Effects of Interventions on Learner Performance
Additional Observations Emanating from the Path Analysis
Concluding Statements and Recommendations
Recommendations on Methodology and Design
District-level Recommendations
School-level Recommendations
Classroom-level Recommendations
Causal Modelling Recommendations

Dr Anil Kanjee is the Executive Director of the Education Quality Improvement National Priority Initiative. He obtained his PhD in Research and Evaluation Methods from the University of Massachusetts, and a BEd from the University of Cape Town.

Dr Cas Prinsloo is a chief research specialist in the Education, Science and Skills Development Research Programme. He holds a D Litt et Phil in psychology from the University of South Africa.

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