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With the advent of the National Gambling Act (No. 33 of 1996) the legislative environment with regards to gambling changed dramatically. Provision was made for the legalisation of various forms of gambling that had hitherto take place either illegally or subject to restricted geographical and other criteria. One of the provisions of the Act is to address the issue of problem gambling and with this in mind, the HSRC was commissioned by the National Gambling Board to undertake research. This book comprises the outcome of the research. It commences with an executive summary for readers who need a rapid overview. The subsequent chapters detail the historical and international context and the views and opinions of stakeholders in the South African industry regarding problem gambling.

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Format : 145mm x 207mm
Pages : 160
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-1971-2
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-1971-7
Publish Year : 2000

Executive Summary
Selective review of gambling research literature
Research methodology
Focus group discussions of gamblers
Interviews with casino operators
Interviews with stakeholders
National survey of gambling behaviour
Survey of gamblers at ten casinos
Conclusions and policy recommendations

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