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This major textbook, first published in 1997 and reprinted for the fourth time in 2004, is specifically written for students in development studies. It provides a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary picture of development research over the past generation, and is organised around four major themes: economic development and underdevelopment, politics and the state, socio-economic development and the state, and civil society and the development process.

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Format : 107mm x 160mm
Pages : 400
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-1795-7
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-1795-9
Publish Year : 1997

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Part I: Introduction
1. Development Studies as a Subject Area
2. The Theoretical Heritage and Controversial Issues in Development Research
3. Conceptions and Dimensions of Development

Part II: Economic Development and Underdevelopment
4. Major Theoretical Currents in Development Economics
5. Theories of Growth and Modernisation
6. Structuralist Theories and Industrial Development
7. Neo-Marxist Theories of Underdevelopment and Dependency
8. Modes of Production and Social Classes
9. The International Division of Labour and Transnational Corporations
10. Focus on Agricultural Development
11. Development with Limited Natural Resources

Part III: World Politics and the State
12. Political Development and State Building
13. The Political Heritage and Forms of Regime
14. Social Forces and Forms of Regime
15. Decentralisation and Local-level Politics

Part IV: The State and Socio-economic Development
16. The State and the Development Process
17. The Political Economy of Development
18. State or Market?
19. Development and Security

Part V: Civil Society and the Development Process
20. Dimensions of Alternative Development
21. Poverty and Social Development
22. The Political Economy of Civil Society
23. Ethnic Identities, Nationality and Conflict
24. People-managed Development

Part VI:. Theory Construction in Development Research
25. A Critical Assessment of Development Theories


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