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The publication of this book forms part of a civil society programme of action for the African Women�s Decade, co-ordinated by South African Women in Dialogue (SAWID). It reports on the main issues facing South African women, namely: 1) poverty eradication in the context of gender; 2) early childhood development (ECD) in the context of gender; 3) violence against women; and 4) co-ordination of civil society initiatives. A fifth theme which cuts across all the others is employment creation.

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ISBN 13 : 978-0-7969-2452-0
Publish Year : March 2014
Rights : World Rights

List of figures and tables v

Preface vii

Acknowledgements viii

Introduction ix

Abbreviations and acronyms xi

  1. Poverty eradication in the context of gender
    • Engendering poverty
    • Poverty in South Africa
    • Unemployment in South Africa
    • Best practice models of poverty eradication
    • Challenges and opportunities from a civil society perspective
    • Proposal of best practice model for poverty eradication in South Africa
    • Recommendations and policy implications for poverty eradication
    • Conclusion
  2. Early childhood development in the context of gender
    • Understanding early childhood development and definitions
    • Legal and service delivery framework for ECD in South Africa
    • Contextualising ECD within a gendered framework
    • Access to early childhood development in South Africa
    • The role of CSOs in promoting and addressing ECD
    • Best practice civil society models for engendering ECD
    • Challenges for civil society in advancing gender equity goals through ECD
    • Opportunities for civil society in advancing gender equity goals through ECD
    • Recommendations on ECD in the context of gender
    • Policy implications of advancing gender equity goals through ECD
    • Conclusion
  3. Violence against women
    • Definition of key terms
    • Causes of gender-based violence
    • Costs of violence against women
    • What works to prevent men's violence against women?
    • Experience from global practice on violence prevention
    • Best practice in South Africa
    • Challenges and opportunities for civil society organisations
    • Recommendations and policy implications for violence against women
    • Conclusion
  4. Civil society coordination
    • Definitions and the idea of civil society
    • Best practice models for civil society efforts at coordination
    • Challenges limiting effective coordination of civil society
    • Civil society coordination models and experiences in South Africa
    • Impact on employment creation through civil society coordination
    • Challenges and opportunities arising from civil society coordination
    • Recommendation of best practice model for civil society coordination
    • Conclusions and policy implications
  5. Conclusions and policy implications
    • Recommendations for poverty eradication in the context of gender
    • Recommendations for engendering ECD in South Africa
    • Recommendations to reduce violence against women
    • Recommendations for civil society coordination
    • Appendix: South African CSOs featured in the study
  6. References
  7. Contributors
  8. Index
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