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Spirals of Suffering offers reflections on healing in South Africa after the trauma of apartheid. Section 1 is an overview of the findings of the Goldstone Commission of Inquiry into the Effects of Public Violence on Children. Possibly the most comprehensive report of its kind, it tracks the effects of apartheid policy on the lives of black and white South Africans, with particular attention to state brutality, 'grand' apartheid and resistance politics.

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Format : 113mm x 159mm
Pages : 344
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-1806-6
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-1806-2
Publish Year : 1997

1. Introduction / Brian Rock

2. Overview / Norman Duncan & Brian Rock
3. Children and violence: Quantifying the damage / Norman Duncan & Brian Rock
4. Going beyond the statistics / Norman Duncan & Brian Rock
5. Survey of organisations providing services to children / Norman Duncan & Brian Rock
6. Inquiry recommendations / Norman Duncan & Brian Rock
7. Advisory Panel recommendations


8. Assessing the impact of violence on children / Peter Newell
9. Being human vs having human rights / Cosmas Desmond
10. Post-traumatic stress in children: presentation and intervention guidelines / Gill Eagle & Catherine Michelson
11.Working with traumatised children: a community project / Sheila Miller
12.The survivors of apartheid and political violence in KwaZulu-Natal / Anne McKay

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