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This seventh edition in the internationally acclaimed State of the Nation series from HSRC Press is a significant contribution to the debates around the impact of 20 years of freedom and democracy on South Africa. Resonating with a wealth of research in a variety of disciplines and cross-disciplinary fields, leading scholars analyse and reflect on an emerging balance sheet that urges all South Africans towards a fair, coherent and multi-pronged approach to development in which all stakeholders need to participate.

The two decades of freedom and democracy are viewed through the lenses of politics, economics, society, health, environment and the global context. Each of these sections offers illuminating and significant analyses of topics of national importance.

Across the world, scholars, academics, policymakers and general readers look to the annual editions of State of the Nation as influential frames of reference for South African current affairs and the pathways forward. State of the Nation presents:
  • Insightful reflections on two decades of freedom and democracy, emerging trends and future perspectives
  • A definitive bridge between longitudinal studies and compelling narratives
  • Critical views that will challenge understanding of past and current affairs

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Format : 240mm x 168mm (Soft Cover)
Pages : 528
ISBN 13 : 978-0-7969-2461-2
Publish Year : July 2014
Rights : World Rights

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General introduction
Thenjiwe Meyiwa, Muxe Nkondo, Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu, Moses Sithole and Francis Nyamnjoh

Part 1 Politics
1Twenty years of constitutional democracy
Judith February and Gary Pienaar
2 From the RDP to the National Development Plan: The mirage of a super-ministry
Temba Masilela and Sihle Mthiyane
3 Freedom of information and national security in South Africa
Mukelani Dimba
4 The vibrancy and governability of South African democracy
Muxe Nkondo
5 Twenty years of reconciling traditional governance with modern democracy
Gerard Hagg and Chuma Himonga

Part 2 The economy
6 Macro-economic visions and the labour-market question
Nicoli Nattrass
7 South Africa as an open economy: Problems and potentialities
Kenneth Creamer
8 Pro-poor rural development in South Africa?
Peter Jacobs and Tim Hart
9 Land redistribution: The politics of not making policy
Ruth Hall
10 Continuity, change and conflict in South African cities
Ivan Turok and Jackie Borel-Saladin
11 Youth unemployment dynamics in the labour market of the periphery
Catherine Cross and Stewart Ngandu
12 Xenophobia and reconciliation
Jan Hofmeyr and Kate Lefko-Everett

Part 3 Society
13 Poverty and substantive equality in the courts
Jackie Dugard and Narnia Bohler-Muller
14 Exploring police performance and police brutality in South Africa
Gareth Newham
15 Children, the Constitution, the law and social policy
Julia Sloth-Nielsen
16 Equity, access and quality in basic education
Shireen Motala
17 Quality school mathematics: An elusive aspiration?
Vijay Reddy and Andrea Juan
18 Key trends in South African society and the media, 2013
Herman Wasserman
19 Parody, politics and democracy in South Africa
Adam Haupt

Part 4 Health and the environment
20 Child vulnerability: Priority and responsibility
Chris Desmond and Linda Richter
21 South Africas response to the HIV and AIDS epidemics
Olive Shisana, Nompumelelo Zungu and Leickness Simbayi
22 Primary health care as the foundation of the South African health system: Myth or reality?
Laetitia Rispel, Julia Moorman and Pascalia Munyewende
23 Mitigating climate change: State of the carbon nation
Richard Calland
24 Poverty and employment impacts of the transition to a green economy
Margaret Chitiga-Mabugu, Charles Nhemachena and Stewart Ngandu

Part 5 South Africa and the world
25 South Africa and the BRICS in a multilateral, multipolar world
Elizabeth Sidiropoulos
26 Global financial governance and the opening to BRICS banking
Patrick Bond
27 Mining in post-apartheid South Africa: Challenges and opportunities
Claude Kabemba
28 Testing the waters of African Renaissance in post-apartheid South Africa
Francis Nyamnjoh and Katleho Shoro
29 The national question and citizenship-deficit: South Africa and Nigeria
Godwin Onuoha and Nedson Pophiwa



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