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The Other Side Of  Freedom

After more than twenty years of democracy in South Africa, the history of the liberation struggle is losing relevance in the national consciousness as the country grapples with the pressing challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment.

Nevertheless, the liberation struggle spawned many heroes and heroines, some whose contributions have been captured in autobiographies, biographies, book chapters, books and journal articles. There are many more heroes and heroines that are mere footnotes in the vast historiography of the liberation struggle – whose recollections and reflections are recorded in the words of the authors and their names acknowledged as sources in footnotes. The names of a larger number are not mentioned and do not feature even as footnotes in any publication on the history of the struggle.

The book The other side of freedom: Stories of hope and loss in South African Liberation Struggle 1950-1994 presents a compilation of 26 profiles of a diverse selection of activists and leaders in the liberation struggle, framed between an introduction, a brief chronological account of the liberation struggle between 1950 and 1994, and a conclusive analysis of the autobiographical accounts as well as their legacy.

The chapters present a better and fuller portrait of several unsung heroes and heroines of the South African liberation struggle by penetrating beyond the deeds, ideals, sacrifices, glory and greatness to examine individual human beings who are still living, and their recollections of others who have passed on.

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Format : 240mm x 168mm
Pages : 308
ISBN 13 : 978-0-7969-2557-2
Publish Year : February 2017
Rights : World Rights
  1. Introduction

Part 1

  1. The liberation struggle, 1950-1994

Part 2

  1. Judge Thumba Pillay
  2. Ela Gandhi
  3. Elizabeth van den Heyden
  4. Paul David
  5. Jean Pearce
  6. Sunny Singh
  7. Temba Nolutshungu
  8. Dr. Mongezi Guma
  9. Lumko Huna
  10. Walters 'Bishop' Toboti
  11. James Matthews
  12. Dr Tshenuwani Simon Farisani
  13. Paddy Kearney
  14. Father Dick O'Riordan
  15. Ann Tomlinson
  16. Ncwadi Tunyiswa
  17. June Esau
  18. Michael Weeder
  19. Meshack Mochele
  20. Misile Stemela
  21. Mveleli 'Junior' Saliwa
  22. Siphesihle Zulu
  23. Azwinndini Mutheiwana
  24. John Jeffery
  25. Caleb Magubane
  26. Tebogo Kebotlhale

Part 3

Legacy of the heroes and heroines



Gregory Houston is a chief research specialist at the Human Sciences Research Council and research fellow of the History department, University of the Free State, and holds an MA in political studies from the University of the Witwatersrand and a PhD in political science from the University of Natal.

Shepi Mati worked for 11 years as producer and later manager of the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (IDASA). He has also freelanced for broadcasters such as SABC, BBC and Deutsche Welle International and for online publication the Journalist. He comes armed with experience in teaching broadcast journalism from Cape Peninsula University of Technology. He teaches the JMS 3 Radio course this year.

Hangwelani Hope Magidimisha is the first black women to be awarded a PhD degree in Town and Regional Planning from the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Dr Magidimisha also obtained her Masters' degree in Town and Regional Planning from the same institution. She is currently an academic staff member at UKZN, and prior to joining the university she was a researcher at the Human Sciences Research Council.

Elmé Vivier is a researcher looking at issues of local governance, service delivery and public engagement. She has an MA in Philosophy and an MA in Creative Writing, and she has worked for the Human Sciences Research Council in the unit for Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery, as well as for the University of Pretoria.

Mojalefa Dipholo is a researcher with the Human Sciences Research Council; Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery Unit and holds an honours degree in Political Science from the University of Johannesburg. A member of the Golden Key International Honours Society and Japanese based Global Next Leaders Forum. He  has delved into political commentary for radio and print media around elections issues. His research interests include African politics, elections, youth politics, International Relations and the dynamics around service delivery issues.

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