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This book considers these issues by reviewing selected large-scale interventions to improve education quality in South African schools. These interventions include the District Development Support Programme (DDSP), the Education Quality Improvement Partnership Programme (EQUIP), the IMBEWU programme, the Integrated Education Program (IEP), the Khanyisa School Programme, the Learning for Living (LFL) Project, and the Quality Learning Project (QLP). It locates these interventions by providing a chronology of education policy development in South Africa since 1994 as well as engaging with key debates about the notion of education quality. Furthermore, it invites policy-makers to critically review and reflect on the changes to improve education quality in South Africa since 1994. By bringing together academics, policy-makers and practitioners to reflect on education development the book sheds light on the continuous but elusive search for quality education for all. In so doing, the book provides a basis for a critical conversation about the history of education change in post-apartheid South Africa, and the implications for interventions aimed at improving education quality.

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Format : 240mm x 168mm (Soft Cover)
Pages : 448
ISBN 10 : 978-07969-2407-0
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-2407-0
Publish Year : Open Access available September 2013
Rights : World Rights

Yusuf Sayed, Anil Kanjee and Mokubung Nkomo

South African Education Policy Debates: Context, Contests and Contradictions
Yusuf Sayed, Anil Kanjee and Mokubung Nkomo

An Overview of Education Policy Change in Post-Apartheid South Africa
Yusuf Sayed and Anil Kanjee

Approaches to Education Quality
Nazir Carrim

Public Sector Reforms and Policy Making: A Case of Education
Vusi Gumede

Personal Reflections on Policy and School Quality:
When the Politics of Disgust Meets the Politics of Distrust
Jonathan Jansen

Interventions to Improve education Quality in South Africa: Problems and Possibilities
Yusuf Sayed, Anil Kanjee and Mokubung Nkomo

The Education Change Balance Sheet: A Post-Apartheid Assessment
Crain Soudien

The Education Quality Improvement Partnership Programme: A Whole School
Development Framework
Author: Judith O Connell
Respondent: Beverly Barry

From Project to Program: The Imbewu Journey in Transformation
Author: Allan Zinn and Lorraine Lawrence
Respondent: George Moyo

Improving Learning and Learner Achievement: The Case of the District Development Support Programme
Author: Brian Chinsamy
Respondent: Luis Crouch



The Quality Learning Project: An Integrated Theory-Driven Intervention
Authors: Martin Prew and Sharanjeet Shah
Respondent: Cas Prinsloo

The Learning For Living Project: A Book-Based Approach to Learning a Language
Author: Eric Schollar
Respondent: Berthus Mathee

The IEP Project: A large-Scale Intervention for School Improvement
Author: Thabo Mabogoane
Respondent: Melinda Taylor

The Khanyisa School Programme: A Systems Approach to Improvement
Author: Godwin Khosa
Respondent: Ron Tuck

Reflections on School Quality Reform in South Africa
Yusuf Sayed, Anil Kanjee and Mokubung Nkomo

A Cross-Case Analysis of Education Intervention Projects
Mauvia Gallie

The Need for Improved Planning in Addressing Underperformance
Sigamoney Naicker

A Policy Makers Perspective on Improving Education Quality
Duncan Hindle

An International Development Agency Perspective on Improving Education Quality
Cornelius Hacking

Challenges for School Reform in Post-apartheid South Africa: So Where To?
Anil Kanjee and Yusuf Sayed

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