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An HSRC study on South African labour market trends and future workforce needs for 1998 - 2003 forecasts low levels of job creation, job losses in unskilled labour and an increasing demand for IT and other professionals.

According to the study, which mainly focuses on professionals and artisans, less than 50 000 jobs will be created, despite an estimated annual growth in output of 2.7 per cent. The trade, catering and accommodation sector is expected to be the largest creator of employment, thanks to the expected growth in tourism, followed by the finance and construction sector. On the other hand, the services sector is expected to be the largest destroyer of jobs, mainly due to job losses in government.

Changes in the broad occupational composition of employment are likely to favour skilled professionals, while the proportion of employment requiring lower skills is expected to decline substantially.

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ISBN 10 : 0-7969-1913-5
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Publish Year : 1999


Future demand

1. The South African labour market

2. Employment growth per sector

3. Professionals
3.1 Engineers
3.2 Engineering technologists/technicians
3.3 Architecture and related occupations
3.4 Natural science occupations
3.5 Medical and related occupations
3.6 Health-related occupations
3.7 Education and related occupations
3.8 Humanities and related fields
3.9 Accountants, other financial and economic occupations
3.10 Art, sport and entertainment

4. Managers

5. Clerical, artisan and semiskilled occupations

6. Income of professionals and managers


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