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This book deals with the individual's experience of harm, suffering and injury at the hands of persons or institutions. It is divided into the following sections: a theoretical and methodological overview; victimization and aid to victims; an epilogue. It is an invaluable reference book for those interested or involved in victimology and the plight of the victim.

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Format : 189mm x 235mm
Pages : 614
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-1258-0
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-1258-9
Publish Year : 1992


A Theoretical and methodological overview
1 Introduction: victimology as a new and evolving field --- W J Schurink
2 Broadening our vision: a challenge to South African mainstream victimology --- Desire Hansson
3 Theoretical perspectives in victimology with brief reference to contributions from a micro-antipositivistic and a macropositivistic approach --- H G Strijdom & W J Schurink
4 Methodological approaches utilized in victimization studies --- W J Schurink
5 Power and accountability: ethical considerations in research on victimization --- Eleanor Preston-Whyte
6 Criminal victimization: some results from survey research --- J M Ltter

B Victimization of specific groups
7 Victimization of children: some preliminary observations --- Magriet Herman
8 Crime and the elderly --- Lorraine Glanz
9 Victimization of women: some cultural features --- Esther Chinkanda
10 Victimization of women within the marital context --- Anna van der Hoven
11 Harrassment of women in the workplace: an exploratory discussion --- Sylvia Viljoen
12 The victimization of women in the law enforcement system: perceptions and experiences --- Ina Snyman
13 Rape victimization --- Evanthe Schurink
14 Victimization and victim precipitation in family murders --- R R Graser
15 Violence in South African prisons --- Lorraine Glanz
16 State-supported violence and its manifestation in South Africa --- J L Olivier
17 Police abuse of power: a brief historical overview --- L Fernandez & W Schrf

C Prevention of victimization and aid to victims
18 Community-based prevention of crime: a victimological perspective --- C M B Naud
19 Victim support schemes and a proposed model for rendering services to victims of crime in South Africa --- Rika Snyman
20 Management of the sexually abused child --- Lorna Jacklin
21 Crisis intervention: programme for rape victims --- Annatjie Faul
22 Compensation for the victims of crime --- C Cilliers
23 Role of legal aid clinics in assisting the victims of crime --- D J McQuoid-Mason
24 Legal reform and the implications for victimization --- A J Middleton

D Epilogue
25 Concluding remarks --- Ina Snyman
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