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This is the story of one mans single-minded, unremitting, always creative, campaign to provide material support to South Africas liberation struggle, assisting leaders like Nelson Mandela and ordinary township and rural activists, as well as families who suffered because their loved ones were political prisoners, had fled into exile or been killed by the apartheid regime.

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Format : 130mm x 200mm
Pages : 408
ISBN 10 : 0-7969-2088-5
ISBN 13 : 978-07969-2088-1
Publish Year : 2004

Foreword by Per Wstberg

Preface: Two men came to lunch

1 John Collins: Churchills 'dupe'

2 Acts of defiance

3 Collins in South Africa: the most pleasant madhouse in the world

4 High treason

5 Sharpeville

6 Fire the Canon!

7 The odd bodies of Amen Court

8 Armed struggle and Rivonia

9 Round one to Pretoria: the ANC and the Eastern Cape

10 Enuga Reddy and the UN Trust Fund

11 The Swedes

12 Rock bottom: the banning of Defence and Aid

13 Cut-outs and noble Lords

14 The white lie

15 The Imam and the Dean

16 Welfare Le Carr style

17 Stephanus and Eileen

18 An old man in a hurry

19 A failed coup: Craig Williamson and the IUEF

20 Around the world

21 Letters from elsewhere

22 Kith and kin

23 Death of the Canon

24 Passionist postbag

25 Total onslaught

26 Close down

27 Where are they now?

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